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Soil Preparation Equipments
Soil Preparation Equipments


Rotavation – The System
  • Rotavator can produce a perfect seed bed with one or two passes
  • Since Rotavator requires no traction, the Tractor-Rotavator combination can commerce cultivation much sooner after rain
  • It is ideal for wet cultivation
  • It is suitable for sugarcance stubble removal
  • It eradicates rhizom’s such as couch grass, etc.
  • Single Speed / Multispeed Gear Box
  • Side Drive Roller Chain / Gears
  • Spring Loaded Adjustable Trailing Board
  • Rotor Speed, Standard 210 RPM, Optional 246 RPM @ 540 / 1000 RPM tractor PTO

Specially designed to be used with all Tractors available in India

HR11 HR20
order Code Working width CM HP Required Weight in kgs w/o accessories (Approx) Blade Nos order Code Working width CM HP Required Weight in kgs w/o accessories (Approx) Blade Nos
FII-HR 11/105 101 18-25 230-270 24 FII-HR 20/155 150 35-50 370-410 36
FII-HR 11/125 120 25-35 260-300 30 FII-HR 20/180 180 50-60 410-440 42
FII-HR 11/155 150 35-50 280-320 36 FII-HR 20/205 205 60-70 465-490 48
FII-HR 11/180 180 50-60 310-350 42 FII-HR 20/230 230 70+ 515-550 54

** All measurements are indicative. The company reserves the right to revive the contents of the brochure and to amend or improve the specifications of its products without notice.

**The product weight will vary depends upon side drive (Chain / Gear) and Gear Box Speed (Single / Multispeed)


Hole Digger

Hole digger is an implement that will drill / dig holes of varied sizes and depths for planting seedlings and saplings. Hole digger is an attachment to the tractor 3 point linkage with category I & II mountings. Hole Digger consists of an auger, which is driven through bevel gears by the Tractor power-take-off. (P.T.O) Hole Digger is available in two (2) models: HD 20 & HD 45.

Special Features
  • For medium stress work Transmission through Universal drive Shaft with shear bolt torque limiter.
  • Replaceable auger points and cutting blades Standard fish tail type auger point and flat blades (Chisel type optional).
  • Sturdy profile frame fitted with spring-loaded stabilizer bar ensures stability during drilling and transport.
  • Frame can be used as a jib crane to lift the implements.


Sub - Soiler

A SUBSOILER or FLAT LIFTER is a tractor mounted implement used to be loosen and break up soil at depths below the level of a traditional ploughing, disk harrow or rototiller. Most tractor mounted cultivation tools will break-up and turn over surface soil to a depth of 15-20cm (6-8 inch) only while a subsoiler will break up and loosen soil to twice those depths.

  • Parking Stand
  • Shear Bolt Protected Shanks
  • One, Two and Three Shank Models
  • Simple in Design



ROTAVATOR / RICE HARROW – ROTO PUDDLER is a combination of Rotavator and perfect leveling device and suppresses the weed which is highly recommended for Paddy field using Paddy transplanter. Tractor PTO Operated (540rpm) implement. ROTAVATOR / RICE HARROW – ROTO PUDDER is recommended for wet field which is going to be transplaned with mechanical transplanter.

  • It gives perfect leveling
  • Required medium HP tractors Only.
  • Wider Coverage 7-11 ft. High Productivity.
  • Fuel saving and less maintenance.
  • Less Time of Operating with minimum Water.
  • The shape of blades prepares the seed bed in two layers
  • The Top Layer which consist of pulverized soil and the below lying as coarse layer
  • This type of two layer seed bed is highly suitable for machine planting resulting in quickly establishment of seedlings with minimum water
  • The design of spring rake puts down the pieces of straw and left over weeds into the soil
  • The two piece trailing board consists of swing rubber and leveling board. This facilitate a perfect leveled surface.
  • The extending and retracting of the extension rake-removes traces of joints between areas worked.



The BUND FORMER / LEVEE PLASTERING MACHINE will strengthen the existing bund without damaging the height of the bed by adding on the sideways. This machine is suitable for both dry and wet conditions. (stone free).

The power required to operate this machine is about 40-50 hp with 540rpm at PTO. The height of the bund is 25-30 cm (Approx).

BUND FORMER / LEVEE PLASTERING MACHINE is a boon to the farmer where rat menace and seepage of water is a perennial problem it makes a perfect bund which will reduce the damages occurred due to rat, water leakage etc. by using bund former equipment will get proper size and perfect cemented shape bunds. With this equipment with lessor operating cost higher number of bunds forming is achieved.

  • Bund Former / Levee Plastering Machine is easy to operate.
  • Bund Former / Levee Plastering Machine is a implement to rebuild the existing bunds of the field.
  • This process of rebuilding / will eliminates Rodents and burrows.
  • Saves the loss of Water in the rice field.
  • Reduces the damages occurred by rodents to the crops.


Power harrow

Power Harrow is a heavy duty Implement. This is tractor PTO operated equi pment attached to the tractor 3 point linkage. It is designed to work in the soil in vertical position and thus pulverise the soil by 9-10 inches depth. This is highly suitable for deep rooted dry cultivation for crops like cashewnut, etc. Power harrow comparatively better useful than any other primary tillage implement by its performance, coverage etc. .

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