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Planting Equipments
Planting Equipments

Sugarcane Planter

SUGAR CANE PLANTER is an equipment attached to tractor. Full size of the cane is fed by the operator and it automatically cut the sett. On levelled filed it will form a hurrow, palce the sett as per required space and cover sett with soil will be done in single pass. 2 ROW and 3 ROW planters are availble.
*Tractor PTO operated planters also available.

Specification of sugarcane Planter
Dimension(mm) 2040 x 2110 x 1620
Weight(KG) 345
Power source 50-60 Hp tractor
Type of furrow opener Ridger body
Number of rows 2
Sett meters Inbuilt sett feeding and set cutting unit
Row to row spacing(cm) 150(standard)
Fertilizer metering(optional) Fluted roller
Speed hopper capacity(KG)(optional) 100
Field capacity(ha/h) 0.25


Cassava Planter

Single Row Cassava Planter
Powered By Power Tiller
Engine Power Required 10 - 12 HP
Type of Planting Single Bud
Plant to Plant Distance 40 cms
Row to Row Distance 45 - 60 cms
Man Power Required 2
Plant Population / Hectare 50000
Two Row Cassava Planter
Powered By Tractor
Engine Power Required 45 HP
Type of Planting Single Bud
Plant to Plant Distance 40 - 75 cms(Adjustable)
Row to Row Distance 60 cms
Man Power Required 3

Cane Pitter

Cane pitter is an implement that drills holes for planting sugarcane. Cane pitter is an attachment to the tractor 3 point linkage with category I & II mountings. Auger is driven through PTO drive shaft containing the tractor.

1. For medium stress work in normal, soft, stone-free soil.
2. Transmission through universal drive shaft with shear bolt torque limiter.
3. Replaceable auger points and cutting blades.
4. Standard fish tail type auger point and flat blades.
5. Strudy profile frame fitted with spring loaded stabilizer bar.
6. Frame serves as lifting boom by removing gear box.
7. Tractor power take off : 540 RPM
8. Auger size : 90cm.

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