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Harvesting Machines

Forage Harvester

Tractor PTO operated FORAGE HARVESTER which can harvest,collect,chopp and collected in trailer. The Forage Harvester can be used both in Row crops and broadcasted crop field with modified attachment. This is suitable for Fooder crops like grass,maize and sugarcane.



Tea Harvester

Tea Leaves will be HARVESTED by this Harvester machine without any damage to the leaves or Plant. Quality can be maintained and quantity of plucking will be enhanced. Various sizes of clipping width 340 mm, 410 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm plucking machines available.

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We are committed to produce the best quality agro forestry equipment in the possible shortest time with the vision of passing technological advancements to Indian Farmers, during the years to come.