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Bio-Mass Collection & Process Equipments


The shredder is meant to shred/chop wooden, fibrous, grass leaves, cardboard packing cases, waste fruit and vegetables, wooden boxes, pallets, etc. The fineness of the shredding material can be adjusted through a screen. The shredder can be operated either by electric motor or by diesel engine or by tractor PTO. The out put capacity of the equipment starts from 3 to 60 cub.mtr/hr.




Hay and Staw, Ear Corn, Small Grains: Shelled Corn, Milo, Wheat & Barley, Cardboard & Paper, Wood Chips & Bark, Silaged Bales. The TUB GRINDER has no belt, chain or gear box drives to wear out. This simplicity of design allows the TUB GRINDER to be sold at such a low price. The most astonishing feature of the TUB GRINDER is its lower horsepower requirements and smoother operation. The rotor cuts across the tub floor from the outside to the center and much of the grinding is done in the tub before the material reaches the main grinding area. The rotor is three to five times heavier per inch of shear length than competitive machines and this extra weight builds inertia that makes the TUB GRINDER the smoothest running grinder on the market and the easiest on tractor power take-offs.The capacity will surprise you. Ten to twenty ton per hour in fairly dry conditions with 70 to 80 horsepower can be expected. Also the TUB GRINDER uses shear plates instead of screens which makes it even more desirable in wet, tough conditions. Individually adjustable shear plates replace screens to control particle size, these shear plates are adjustable from ground level and can be adjusted with speed and ease.

A High Capacity-Low Cost grinder that can grind dairy quality alfalfa without getting it too fine. We can now grind this good quality alfalfa to the desired length for all operations. Any length from 2" to 6" stems. We accomplish this by using a special ALFALFA HAMMER that weighs 38 a piece. These hammers will stay extended in this good quality feed at 540 This lower tip speed does not powder the leaves. Horsepower requirement is reduced to about half (from 60 and up) and the capacity remains high. LOW PROFILE SPECIAL: Same as above but for the operator who wants to use a lower lift Skid Steer loader to feed the Tub Grinder. Only 7'4 high and 8 6 wide at the top of the tub.


Wood Chipper


Wood chipper range includes machines able to reduce the volume of large masses of green or dry material, including logs and branches with diameters that vary fraom 10 to 25 cm, without excluding any other residues of pruning, scrubs, brambles and anything else resulting from maintenance of the woodland, avenues,parks, gardens and cemeteries. The machines can be built to operate in staitc conditions, or enabled for attachment to the 3-point hitch to be towed by a tractor or mounted on a trailer for road transport (at low or high speed).


The special features that distinguish this chipping machines is the large size of the feeding hopper of the material to be chipped, which are followed by two notched rollers which, with independent hydraulic activation, take the material to the cutting flywheel onto which the knives are attached. Long experience has allowed to structure this flywheel in a way to assure the best cutting effectiveness through time, without requiring particular maintenance interventions.

A "no stress" electronic protection device automatically adjusts the feed flow of the material to be chipped, in relation to the power available, according to the force of the amount of material being chipped. This device lengthens the machine's life. The chipped material is then expelled using the unloading conveyor, equipped with movable deflector that allows to direct the flow to the ground or towards a container (eg. transport vehicle container).


These chipping machines-backing the customer's requirements can be driven by tractor power-take-off (G), an autonomous Disel (M), or electric (E) motor.

The range

These Pz series chipping machines distinguish themsilves for their capacity to reduce large volumes of green or dry material in very short times.

Max. Chipping Ømm
Roller width mm
Feeding hopper mm
PZ 100 100 110 690 x 400
PZ 110 110 155 890 x 600
PZ 140 140 175 1000 x 640
PZ 150 150 220 1110 x 730
PZ 190 190 240 1220 x 700
PZ 210 210 300 1220 x 700
PZ 250 250 370 1350 x 886

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We are committed to produce the best quality agro forestry equipment in the possible shortest time with the vision of passing technological advancements to Indian Farmers, during the years to come.