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Compositing Equipment

Pusa Compost Turner Cum Mixer (Windrow Turner)

PUSA Rapid Composting Technology:

Healthy Soil, Wealthy Farmer

Technology to convert agri-residue into nutrient rich compost using microbial culture and mechanical intervention by windrow method as per the protocol developed by IARI.

Pusa Turner Cum Mixer turns and mixes the biomass at every fortnight which leads to proper aeration, exposes new surfaces to decomposition and maintains the temperature within the range of 32-60 °C for faster degradation.

Compost Sieving Machine removes the unwanted and un-degradable material and separates the finer from coarse grade.

Composting in 60-80 days as compared to Six months by traditional pit method.

Waste to wealth , improving soil health.

Length of the Rotor
Width : 1.5 Meter
             : 1.8 Meter
             : 2.7 Meter

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We are committed to produce the best quality agro forestry equipment in the possible shortest time with the vision of passing technological advancements to Indian Farmers, during the years to come.